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The Hermetic Brotherhood is a private society devoted to astrology, alchemy, high magic and the mystic arts. 
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According to the ancient traditions of Hermeticism, Hermes Trismegistus ("Thrice-Greatest") is revered as the father of the Hermetic Art, which encompasses magical, astrological and alchemical doctrines (the "Science of the Magi").  Some believe him as being named for the divine Hermes, known by the Romans as Mercury and by the Egyptians Thoth.

Hermes Trismegistus was a celebrated Egyptian philosopher and teacher who lived in Egypt in ancient times, although there is some evidence that there may have been three great teachers who went by this name.  He is believed to have gathered an enormous compendium of occult wisdom preserved from the beginning of the world and to have codified the secret mystery teachings.

"The Hermetic brotherhood of Egypt is an occult Fraternity which has endured from very ancient times, having a hierarchy of officers, secret signs and passwords, and a peculiar method of instruction in science, moral philosophy, and religion. The body is never very numerous, and if we may believe those who at the present time profess to belong to it, the philosopher's stone, the elixir of life, the art of invisibility, and the power of communication directly with the ultramundane life are parts of the inheritance they possess.  The writer has met with only three persons who maintained the actual existence of this body of religious philosophers, and who hinted that they themselves were actual members. There was no reason to doubt the good faith of these individuals, apparently unknown to each other, and men of moderate competence, blameless lives, austere manners, and almost ascetic in their habits. They all appeared to be men of forty to forty-five years of age, and evidently of vast erudition. Their conversation was simple and unaffected, and their knowledge of language not to be doubted. They cheerfully answered questions, but appeared not to court inquiries. They never remained long in any one country, but passed away without creating notice, or wishing for undue respect to be paid to them. To their former lives they never referred, and when speaking of the past, seemed to say whatever they had to say with an air of authority, and an appearance of an intimate personal knowledge of all circumstances. They courted no publicity, and, in any communications with them, uniformly regarded the subject under discussion as very familiar things, although to be treated with a species of reverence not always to be found among occult professors." - Kenneth Mackenzie


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